We are a Catholic couple raising four kids in a small southern town. Our podcast is about the intersection of our lives and our faith.

Contact us at: feedback@catholicinasmalltown.com

My cousin, the lovely Mary Bragg, sings the intro song to our show.  You can find her at marybragg.com

The song, From a Small Town, can be found on iTunes.

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  1. Hi. Just became a listener. Nice reading. Let me catch up.

  2. Kathleen Poindexter

     /  February 5, 2016

    I wanted to share an awesome resource with you in hopes that you might share with other listeners. There are videos and blog posts that are shared each day via email. They are very thought provoking and a huge blessing each day to add to your prayer routine .

    Here is a link – http://redeemedonline.com/lent

    Kathleen Poindexter

  3. Jeannie

     /  July 5, 2016

    You are going through NYC WHEN??? On a Sunday? Are you Mad? As someone who has lived in NYC for 25 years, I strongly suggest getting through NYC in the morning if possible on a Sunday. Friday night the population of NYC and Long Island explodes on the bridges and tunnels out through New Jersey and up into Conneticut. Sunday evening you get a much worse implosion as everyone tries to funnel back in and through the Manhatten Bridges and tunnels. The nicer the day, the later the traffic starts but the more traveling you can do Saturday, the better.


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