CST #427: 1% Power

Ben gets real glasses, Mac goes on a shopping spree, We all go see White Christmas and Katherine is having a midlife crisis.


Movies & TV:

Olive the Other Reindeer

Holiday Inn




Olive the Other Reindeer


Mary Bragg’s new CD: Lucky Strike


Our other show: Spoiled! with Mac and Katherine


Our son, Ben’s Youtube channel

Our Son Sam’s Youtube channel




Kat’s Blog Feed


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  1. Veronica

     /  December 17, 2017

    Hi Barrons, you are as entertaining as always 🙂 and I love your movie/book reviews…buuut occasionally I zone out and don’t hear the title and then you Never repeat it and I am like, “woah, this movie sounds amazing! But I have No Clue what it’s called.” So maybe, at the end of your review, could you make a point of repeating it?

    Also, i hear you about the groceries and i have an even more convenient option, especially with the traffic where you guys are! You should try Shipt. I am a shopper for them. It’s like what You did with Kroger except Shipt will bring what you order to your door!

    Shameless plug here: If you use my link when you sign up for Shipt you get free groceries (and I get a bonus too). http://www.shipt.com/groceries/?r=D5FD8

    Thanks! 🙂


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