CST #218: Prometheus and Nudging

Confirmation Sunday lasts almost 3 hours, mac drones on and on about all the stuff he’s been watching, we do full review of Prometheus, and we talk about God’s nudges in our lives.

Movies mentioned:

No Escape

The Messenger


TV Shows:


The Killing

Transformers Prime


A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken

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Catching up on Catholic in a Small Town

Just added some posts to catch up this site to our most recent shows, in case this is how you find them.

Look for a new Catholic in a Small Town later today!

CST #217: Summer Napping and Parish Hopping

Mac is out for summer? What are your summer projects? Mac puts up lots of fence. Kat saw the Avengers, The Vow, and This Means War. Mac reads alternate history. We also discuss our reasons for leaving our home parish.

Movies mentioned:

The Avengers

The Vow

This Means War

Books Mentioned:

Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath by Scott Westerfield

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CST #216: In memory of Mrs. Elaine

We talk about the passing of Katherine’s mom, Mass Confusion gets an award, the Avengers is the greatest movie ever, Tree of Life is amazing until the end, and we give our perspective on Hospice Care.

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CST #215: Skylanders – Great Game or Money Hole?

Updates on Kat’s Mom and cousin, our boys heavily invest in Skylanders, we enjoyed Hunger Games and take part in the annointing of the sick.

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CST #214: Treasure Buddies worse than Battlefield Earth

The Barron family goes through some hard times… not counting having to sit through Cruddy Buddies.

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