CST #421: Inconceivable!

The whole family sees a classic on the big screen, Mac & the boys go on a hike, and Kat takes the boys to see Geocrap… I mean Geostorm.


Movies & TV:

The Princess Bride


The Good Place


Mary Bragg’s new CD: Lucky Strike


Our other show: Spoiled! with Mac and Katherine


Our son, Ben’s Youtube channel

Our Son Sam’s Youtube channel




Kat’s Blog Feed


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  1. Great show! There is definitely something to be said for homeschooling…. we home-schooled are autistic daughter for 8 years and sent her off to high school where she was a straight-A student!! She was also a social butterfly which is usually not the norm for autistic kids. Also, what a lovely part of Georgia you guys live in. I am an over-the-road truck driver from Ohio and had a stop near Coal Mountain. I’d love to do coffee sometime somewhere with you guys!! Love the show, keep up the great work!!!!! As soon as we get our finances straightened out we will become patrons!


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