CST #359: Freaky Teeth

Mac’s Dad gets some distressing news, the Barrons wreck lots of birthdays, and Sam & Mac revisit The Matrix.


Mistborn by Branden Sanderson

Book of Mirrors by Justin Cronin


Age of Adeline

The Matrix

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  1. Rebeca Schmitz

     /  August 10, 2016

    I just started listening to your latest episode and had to laugh about your mom texting the information about your Dad’s cancer diagnosis. That is exactly how my parents are. Last year when my mom was battling cancer, I got a text from my dad at 2 am saying- Mom taken via ambulance to the hospital unresponsive, not sure whats going on. Nothing Else- I of course immediately call him and he says, Why are you calling, I texted you what is happening. I actually had a conversation with my dad the next week (after mom was home) about what type of information should be texted and when you should call- IE, anything involving ambulances or people being unresponsive deserves a phone call. His response- with 3 kids, I don’t know who to call first and if it will make people mad that i didn’t call them first. Too Funny.

  2. Scott & I are sorry to hear about Mac’s dad! Prayers for all to go well.

    Also watched Ade of Adaline and enjoyed it as well — just a nice fluffy romance-y chick flick that I probably won’t watch again but enjoyed just fine while watching. Def agree that the chemistry between the two main characters didn’t leave me utterly convinced.


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