CST #331: Too Committed


Pinewood Derby races past, Max gets tracked, Mac plays too much Batman. We review An Honest Liar and wax nostalgic about Shakespeare in Love then lament committing to too much.

Movies & TV:

An Honest Liar

Shakespeare in Love


Batman Arkham Asylum

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Mime Control

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  1. Ray Foret jr

     /  January 25, 2016

    Dear Mat and Kathrine, I have pretty much just started listening to y’all’s podcast and I love it. I noticed a few episodes back that Mat made mention of the fact that he uses a Mac to run things computer wise. Way cool!! I myself use a Mac and there’s nothing better!! Since I am a totally blind person, (no big deal really) I use the Apple Voice Over to obtain information from my Mac. It’s available on all Macs just by pressing the CMD+F5 keys. It works as a toggle switch. Now, I want to let y’all know that this here barefooted catholic is very conserned with respect to the current status of Sam’s apparent doubts about his faith. Back when I was his age, I attended Holy Rosary catholic church. At that time, the Co-[Redemtorist fathers passted our church. One of the things they tought us was the very very strict way in which we interperate our catholic faith. Not much gray area I can tell yuh. One benefit of this very strict mode of instruction was that we were tought that no matter what darkness befell us in our lives, we could ALWAYS count on the absolute reliability of God’s church and her teachings. Emotions have their proper place mind you, but, in my view, emotions must be kept in their proper place. We were firmly made to understand that we had no choice about going to church. We were going and that was that and absolutely all about it: nothing to discuss, nothing to understand; just the fact and that was it. Mind you, my parents, (one of whom is now in Heaven; that one being my mom) tought us not only by what they told us to do but by actual example. Mind you, I am going to operate here on the assumption that you are doing everything in your earthly power to set things right: and, I want you to firmly understand that I am praying for you in this as in all matters.
    Just wanted you to have this here word of encouragement in this temporarily dark our for you.
    PS. You Will note an earlier reference to my being barefooted. Don’t mind that: for you see, that is my most favorite condition inside all the time and outside in warm weather. Living in South East Louisiana like I do makes this fairly easy. God bless. Keep the faith and hold fast to what you know is right. Let nothing daunt you. God bless.


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