On CNMC 2015…

Sitting in the hotel lobby after lunch.  Just needed some time to process some of the amazing things that I’ve heard in the first few hours of the Catholic New Media Conference in Atlanta.  (Ok, I’m also here in the lobby because someone, I’m not gonna say who, but he’s tall and goofy looking and I’m married to him, needed a nap and I thought I did, but I really didn’t.)

First, Maria Johnson, author of Maria’s drink (that’s a Mojito for the uninitiated) is the reason I’m writing this.  Because she talked about blogging.  And I have a blog.  And I don’t blog enough.  Or rather, I don’t blog consistently.  Or with intentionality.  Which is how she said we SHOULD blog.  Who am I?  Why am I blogging?  What do I have to say?

Another thing that she reminded us is that those we come in contact with on social media and through our blogs and podcasts, are real people.  We haven’t meet them yet, but they have hopes and dreams and lives.  The way we treat others on social media is just as important as the way we treat those next to us.  For some, it is may be their only connection to the Catholic world.  We have to be mindful of that.

Second, Greg Willits, bringing some truthiness.  Podcasting and blogging and this whole “digital revolution” that has occurred over the last 10-15 years has made it possible for us to create and connect in ways that we never could have dreamed.  We have a community of friends that spans the globe. How do we tap in to that effectively? What talents can we use for the Church? His keynote was a wonderful opener to remind us that we should be doing what we are doing – WELL. He has made his talk available for free if you would like to hear it.

Some cool things have come from the CNMC. This is the fourth of these conferences that Mac and I have attended and they are always so energizing. As I finish up this post, three weeks have gone by. I certainly do not feel the excitement that I was feeling as I began the post, but many conversations have occurred since June 7th both with other podcasters and bloggers, as well as between Mac and I, about how we see our presence in the digital world changing. What personal goals do I have? What collaborations would I like to get involved with? Am I brave enough to ASK someone to collaborate with me? Am I prepared for rejection?

Moving forward with new goals requires vision. It requires determination. It requires a sincere knowledge that I may be knocked down, but also an expectation of success. I’m excited about how the next year will look. I’m excited to see where some new goals will take me.

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  1. trwalsh2

     /  July 2, 2015

    Katherine, It was so nice to meet you and Mac at the CNMC! Those conferences are such a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and inspiration. Ever since I returned from Atlanta, I too have been buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Good things are coming, I feel it, and I can’t wait to see what those are. 🙂


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