On my screen porch…

Photo on 2-23-14 at 11.40 AM

Those of you who have known me for a while know how much I love my screen porch. When my husband and I were shown our house for the first time (it wasn’t our house then), we looked all through the place, loving the curved archways and picture molding. We decided to buy it that day. (the price was pretty amazing, too) A few weeks later we were back in town to meet a contractor to inspect the house, when we finally went out on the porch. It was huge! Built with brick as part of the house, with more arches and a tiled floor, we could not believe our luck. The wood and screens needed replacing, but Mac loves summer projects and he did the work himself.

Each spring, I come out and throw away the old plants, dust off the furniture, wipe down the tables and mop the floor. I fill my bird feeders hanging in the dogwood tree and in the mornings…sit. Sometimes we play board games out here. Sometimes we do homeschool out here. We’ve been known to eat lunch, nap and read (or even watch movies).

Last weekend after our second crazy ice storm of the winter, we had a week of 70 degree days. Sunny, warm…I needed my porch. So I spent a whole afternoon cleaning and dusting and pouring and wiping and now…sitting.

Just a moment ago I saw my first cardinal of the (almost) spring. His brilliant red feathers and beak were even more beautiful set against the bare branches and gray sky. Yea…I love my porch.

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  1. I absolutely love porches! We have a wrap around porch on our house outside of Akron, Ohio and practically live on it in the late Spring, Summer and Fall! I play acoustic guitar and somehow when I play on the porch it always seems to sound better!!! Even food tasts better! Although right now it’s under about 2 feet of snow so for now, we dream!!!

    • Katherine Barron

       /  February 23, 2014

      Sounds beautiful. I always dreamed of one day having a house with a wrap around porch. There was this perfect house in Wilmore, KY that I imagined myself owning. I guess enjoy the snow!

  2. I think maybe The Father’s House in eternity will have the most perfect screen porch ever. Lookin’ forward to that… something to work for! haha

  3. That looks like a beautiful haven for sure!

  4. If you like snow, come on up here to Ohio……we’ve had our share this year!!!! BTW- love your podcasts!!!


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