CST #224: The One Mac Didn’t Name

Listen here.

We’ve got a new dog, Mac is a den leader, Age of Miracles is great… if you’re a girl! and how do you deal with mature content in movies when watching with a 16 year old?



Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson


Hell on Wheels (AMC)




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  1. The book Mac really wants to read is called “Life As We Knew It.” This book is about a young girl going through a post apocalyptic world change. It is much better than the book he described “The Age of Miracles.”

    I highly recommend it. The sequel is also very good and is a realistic portrayal of a Catholic family going through a difficult time in a crazy world.

  2. I’m getting caught up on my podcasts–still need to listen to 9/23/12, however, I wanted to comment on watching TV, etc with young people and how we censor what we watch. Our boys are 15 &13 and generally don’t watch much TV, however, they have “bro-time” about an hour before bed and watch together. So far, they’ve picked “OK” shows, but I say this loosely because it’s not all super-appropriate content and I often point it out to them and get the “Yes, mom, we know…”. Our girls at 9 & 10 are still very Disney-minded, although I have been enjoying “Once Upon a Time” with them. Somehow I was able to defuse the Queen/Huntsman relationship and now that he’s dead we’ll move on….

    Sadly, though, TV is just really desensitizing us to porn and introducing it so subtly in so many shows,commercials, etc. (Which is why we love Netflix and rarely watch our basic cable, we can manage it a lot better!) In the past we have dealt with porn issues in our marriage. Happily it’s in the past; although it TRULY limits what Hubby will allow us (or more appropriately himself) to watch. I’m supportive of this and understand his vigilance in the content he’ll take in, yet it’s challenging because there is a lot of unedifying content out there. For instance, we’ve started watching Friday night lights (Kat, I know you love this) and we LOVE the story lines, the relationship dynamics, the reality of the show, the football, however……the sex scenes are just too much. We generally just fast forward through the scenes, but I’m certain if it gets any more uncomfortable we’ll have to axe it. 😦 Why can’t there be more good shows like Downton Abbey???

    That’s that, for now. Keep up the great work. Love the show!

  3. Debra Quintana

     /  January 21, 2013

    Hi there,
    I live posted some positive feedback on itunes. Somehow it came under my teenage son’s user name penguinmaxx ! 🙂
    Anyway….I love listening to the podcast and find it inspiring and entertaining. Anyone who loves being catholic AND The Walking Dead is okay in my book.
    PS–Am having trouble finding an email or feedback address for you. That’s why I posted here.

  4. Now come on you two, break out of that Lenten torpor and get another podcast out. I know that you’re busy with all the family stuff, and being all loved up and yada-yada-yada, but seriously, there are people out here suffering. Yes, suffering. Sniffle. Pope Francis has already said that he wants a poor church for the poor. You’re poor after the house extension, and I’m poor because of buying a house, so buck up, take one for the Gipper and get a podcast out. I, of course, have the perfectly good excuse of not having anywhere to actually podcast from, but I’m sure that I’d be inspired if I could here those magic notes from Mary Bragg blasting forth from my iPod.

    I’m just saying. No pressure.

    Sean, one of your many No 1 fans.

    PS, going on a car journey next Saturday, so if you could squeeze two out, that’d be great!


  5. And I do know how to spell ‘hear’. Honest!

  6. Recently discovered your podcast and have listened to about the first 110… tried starting at the most current but felt like I needed some back story so I listened to #1 and just kept going. I just wanted to say I really like it so far and wish I’d found y’all a little sooner! I notice this blog entry is 2 years old… 😦 Are you guys still blogging? Maybe on another site? Anyways, glad to have found you when I did and looking forward to listening to the rest of the podcasts!


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