On homeschool lesson plans…

Here’s a dirty little secret: I’ve never made lesson plans for my home-schooled children. At least not until today. I never saw the point. I mean, Ben really just started to do more than learning to read, write and add/subtract within the last few months. It’s only been recently that I could make him a list of things to do and he just did them, checking them off one by one on whatever piece of scrap paper I could find to write his lessons upon.

So today, instead of just writing down a list of tomorrow’s tasks, I thought “Oh my, I could make a chart and have a list of his subjects on one side with the days of the week at the top and fill in blocks with his assignments. What a great idea! Do all teachers know about this? I should tell someone!” Yeah, I’m awesome.

I was telling my husband (a teacher) about this amazing thing and how I had a new appreciation for home-schooling mothers of 8 and 10 kids. Seriously, how do you guys do it? I have my one child that actually has enough work to do that I need to make him a list so that I and he can keep up with it all–and we don’t even do all that much. Especially not now with my mother sick and us needing to spend most afternoons at her house. Just before this current stressor, we had finally been getting into a history curriculum with my two boys that they (and I) were actually enjoying. But that has fallen to the wayside and the six-year-old is just doing an online phonics and math program. The phonics I’m happy with, but the math we need to be supplementing with some actual mommy-sit-down-and-help-stuff. I think I’ll save that for next year when the 3-year-old will be spending his mornings at a small church-run pre-school. Then I’ll need lesson plans for TWO kids. Oh my. Perhaps by the time the youngest needs lesson plans, I’ll just let the oldest write his own. Now THAT’S what I call home-school.

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  1. I, too, am going to have to figure out this whole “planning” thing next year. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has escaped this deatil for the past few years!!! If you find any good resources, please share! I hear DonnaYoung.org is great…


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