On the arrival of spring…

I love two seasons. Spring and Fall. I love being neither too cold, nor too hot. I love being able to sit on my porch in the mornings and drink coffee, sit in the yard in the afternoon and read a book, and sit on the porch in the evening and light the tiki torches while drinking a cold hard cider. I love having all my windows and doors open and letting the cool breeze blow away the winter smells. I love sending my children into the yard to play in the water hose (despite the sand and dirt that inevitably gets tracked through the house on the way to the bathroom). I love the dogwood blossoms and the azalea flowers, whispering that Easter is just around the corner.

Truly, Spring feels like a stolen time. Right now, my bedroom window is open and just a hint of a gentle breeze is wafting through the room. I’ll fall asleep this way and dream of green lawns and falling dogwood petals.

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