On the never ending clutter…

I get depressed about the clutter.

I see the clutter everywhere and I think that I will never get it done.

I will never keep up with it.

I will never get a hold on it.

Papers, toys, clothes, stuff that needs to be filed.

I know that half the trouble is that too much technology has caused me to be a time-waster.  I spend too much time just looking for things to do with my kids instead of doing things with my kids.

I am an undisciplined wreck sometimes and this is one of those days when I feel like I am just drifting along, eating, sleeping, reading, watching, consuming – without direction.

Wow.  This went from a post about clutter to a post about depression and lack of goals.  What caused what?

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  1. Hi Kat – it’s because you are getting depressed that you haven’t set a goal to hire a cleaner to clean up the clutter! 🙂

    I think I’ve missed my calling – I might give up controlling and become a psychologist!



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